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"Let the Magic Begin..."

est: 1973
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Play.. Explore.. Interact..
Discover Childhood...

Think.. Create.. Motivate..
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Imagine.. Dream.. Reach out..
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Sierra Preschool serving Riverside and Corona

Welcome to Sierra Preschool & After School in Riverside! We make education fun and exciting for your child to further develop the skills needed to become a well-rounded individual. We are a preschool in Riverside, and with our experienced staff, we create an atmosphere and experiences that both the parents and their children can benefit from. Our montessori features several preschool methods of teaching as well as after school activities. We offer an Academic Theme Based Creative Learning Experience for Toddlers through Kindergarten, as well as Before and Afterschool care for local Elementary School Children.

(We offer Drop Off and Pick Up from 8 Public Elementary Schools in the Neighborhood.)

There is no other time in life when so much is learned as in the FIRST FIVE YEARS. Our Classrooms are Designed and Decorated Age with their own Dramatic Play, Writing, Science, Reading and Math Centers.

Sierra Preschool Prides itself in creating a Child-Centered Curriculum that incorporates the best aspects of the Montessori Methodology as well as Theme Based Curriculum and is focused on Language Arts, Writing Skills, Math Concepts, Science, Art, and Social Skills to Maximize the Learning Experience of each Child. We have Small Class Sizes with Experienced Educated Preschool Teachers who recognize that each child is unique

Our Montessori has a curriculum, unlike any other school that will help develop and promote learning through hands on learning experiences four your child. We are based in Riverside but cater to both the Riverside and Corona surrounding cities.Our Enrichment Programs offer parents a convenient option for extracurricular programs in a safe, familiar, friendly location for their child. We also make the holidays and summertime fun-filled and learning based as well, with our Holiday and Summer Activity Schedules. Aside from our preschool and montessori, we also offer infant care, child care, and daycare services as well. We have been serving the Riverside community with our preschool for many years, and we continue to serve and educate for many years to come.

We have Small Class Sizes with Experienced Preschool Teachers who recognize that each child is unique.


"This institution is an equal opportunity Provider & Employer"

For more information on our school or a scheduled tour please contact us directly or send us an email.

Parents, for more information on our monthly activities, contact your child's teacher for all of the exciting activities for the month.

Now Serving Riverside, La Sierras & Corona areas