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Here at Sierra Pre School in Riverside we have 3 buses to Pick up and Drop off children to 8 nearby schools.Since the center is opened from 6.00am to 6.30pm parents can drop off the children on their way to work and pick them up before 6.30pm every school day.

All three vans are driven by experienced school bus drivers who have a clean driving record and all buses are insured appropriately.

We also provide:

  1. 'Supervised' care at all times
  2. Snack provided upon return from school
  3. Open from 6.00am to 6.30pm
  4. 'Supervised' Home work help
  5. Computers to help with Home work in all classrooms
  6. Summer Camp

list of schools we drive to are as follows.
Riverside School District..

  1. Twinhill Elementary
  2. Valley View Elementary
  3. Liberty Elementary
  4. Myra Lynn Elementary
  5. Mc Auliffe Elementary
  6. Collette Elementary
  7. Rosemary Elementary
  8. Stokoe Elementary