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11077 Whitford Ave, Riverside, CA 92505

(951) 689-9492

"Let the Magic Begin..."

est: 1973
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Play.. Explore.. Interact..
Discover Childhood...

Think.. Create.. Motivate..
Discover Learning...

Imagine.. Dream.. Reach out..
Discover Future...

Sierra Preschool serving Riverside and Corona

We offer an Academic Based Creative Learning Experience for Toddlers through Kindergarten.

(We offer Drop Off and Pick Up from 8 Public Elementary Schools in the Neighborhood.)

There is no other time in life when so much is learned as in the FIRST FIVE YEARS. Our Classrooms are Designed and Decorated Age Appropriately and have their own Dramatic Play, Reading and Math Centers.

Sierra Preschool Prides itself in creating a Child-Centered Curriculum that incorporates the best aspects of the Montessori Methodology and is focused on Language Arts, Writing Skills, Math Concepts, Science, Life and Social Skills to Maximize the Learning Experience of Each Child.

The schools has an uniquely designed Outdoor Music and Art Center that is used daily to enhance your child’s Creativity.

We have Small Class Sizes with Experienced Preschool Teachers who recognize that each child is unique.


"This institution is an equal opportunity Provider & Employer"

Now Serving Riverside, La Sierras & Corona areas